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20. Unlock Your Bold With Tamsen Fadal

What this Emmy-winning journalist and evening news anchor wants you to know about midlife, menopause, and making the most of your next act.

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More Beautiful is a podcast for women who are rewriting the midlife playbook, striving for a life that's more adventurous, more fulfilling...and more beautiful than ever before.
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On the More Beautiful Podcast, we often talk about how our generation is rewriting the midlife playbook. Unlike previous generations, we’re openly discussing our age and the physical changes we’re experiencing. We’re challenging what it means to be women in our prime (hint: better than ever!). We’re not letting a number stand in the way of our ambitions, so we’re living as passionately and purposefully as we ever have.

One woman who epitomizes the More Beautiful outlook is Emmy-winning journalist and author Tamsen Fadal, with whom I was thrilled to chat on this week’s episode. Tamsen has had a magnificent career as a reporter, television host and author, and she’s spent the past decade anchoring the evening news at WPIX in New York City (check out her full bio, below). When she’s not in the newsroom, Tamsen is using her platform to educate women about menopause and inspire them to live boldly.

During our candid conversation, Tamsen reveals:

  • How losing her mother decades ago affected her attitude toward aging

  • What she didn’t know about menopause—until it took her by surprise at 48

  • The goal she set for turning 50, and why the year leading up to her milestone birthday was a rollercoaster ride

  • How she survived divorce and found love again in midlife (but quit playing matchmaker for friends)

  • Why she’s having fun on TikTok at 51(!)

  • Why she thinks many women “lose their bold” in midlife—and how she’s on a mission to help them get it back

I’m so excited for you to tune in to this one! Hit the play button (above), or listen on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

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Tamsen Fadal is the evening news anchor at WPIX in New York City, as well as host and executive producer of Broadway Profiles. During her extensive career as a journalist, she has earned 13 Emmys for reporting on major events such as Hurricane Sandy, the Columbia Shuttle crash and the Afghanistan war. She has traveled with WPIX-TV/UNICEF to document the struggles faced by women globally.

Tamsen is the author of three books, including The New Single: Finding, Fixing and Falling Back In Love With Yourself. She is also host of Coming Up Next, a podcast that supports women navigating midlife. She has appeared on HLN, The Insider, The Talk, Today, Good Morning America, Lifetime, A&E, and the CBS Early Show.

Having lost her mother to breast cancer in 1990, Tamsen is a long-time advocate of educating women and their families about this devastating disease, giving all women a chance at early detection. She is involved in a range of charitable organizations, including ADAPT, Best Buddies, SHARE Cancer Support, Let’s Talk Menopause and North Shore Animal League.

To read more about Tamsen and get in touch, check out her website.

Show Notes:

Contact the North American Menopause Society for more information about symptoms, and to get in touch with a medical practitioner.

The More Beautiful Podcast is edited by Ryan B. Jo.

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